[GMMT] EDEM: The NFT Marketplace for the New Era of Digital Asset Trading

Giant Mammoth Official
3 min readJun 16, 2023


Imagine an ecosystem where trading Non-Fungible Tokens is effortless, efficient, and intelligent. The NFT market has experienced a meteoric rise, with a staggering 2,931,943 transactions in December 2022 alone, equating to a volume of $612,770,019. However, the market’s rapid growth has also brought forth complexities and inefficiencies, creating barriers for potential users.

EDEM is here to redefine your NFT trading experience.

EDEM — the all-in-one NFT marketplace — is on a mission to transform traditional NFT trading by rectifying market inefficiencies and enhancing user experience. Let’s unpack how EDEM is leading this game-changing shift in the NFT landscape.

A New Dawn for NFT Trading

Traditional NFT trading can be overwhelming. With multiple marketplaces to navigate, a plethora of prices to compare, fees to calculate, and the race against time to secure an item before it sells out — the process can be anything but user-friendly.

EDEM rises to this challenge by simplifying the trading process. With its unified platform, EDEM eliminates the need to hop from one marketplace to another. The platform offers bulk trading options, significantly cutting down on gas fees. Thanks to its quick search engine, users can compare transaction details, prices, gas fees, and more at lightning speed, leading to more efficient and effective NFT trading. A customizable digital dashboard enhances this experience by providing easy-to-digest data analysis.

Leveraging the Advanced Analytics for Enhanced User Experience

EDEM takes user experience a notch higher by integrating cutting-edge analytics. These tools offer users an in-depth view of NFT transaction data, empowering them to make informed investment decisions. Whether it’s trading volumes, buy-sell volumes, floor prices, or more, EDEM’s analytics have you covered.

In addition, EDEM’s platform adheres strictly to its guidelines, ensuring all NFT collections within its realm are accurately classified and shared in real-time with the global community. This transparency provides essential information, such as NFT rankings, status, and scarcity.

EDEM’s Key Features: Shaping the Future of NFT Marketplace

EDEM’s comprehensive range of features further strengthens its position as a game-changer in the NFT marketplace. Here are some key features that set EDEM apart:

1. Data Pooling: EDEM collects trading data from various NFT marketplaces, establishing a comprehensive data pool that forms the foundation of its services.
2. Data Aggregation: The pooled data is presented through EDEM’s integrated interface, facilitating easy access, management, and statistical analysis of data.
3. Data Classification: EDEM classifies the aggregated data based on specific indicators or parameters such as scarcity, timing, price, and ranking, making it easier for users to perform data analytics.
4. Feeding Data to Search Engines: After pooling, aggregating, and classifying the data, EDEM feeds it into its search engine to facilitate the tracking of user-favored NFTs.
5. Batch Purchase: EDEM allows users to purchase multiple NFTs in a single transaction, saving on gas fees for each transaction involving bulk purchases.
6. Accessibility: EDEM is accessible to all, even without an encryption wallet. Using open-source and smart contracts, developers can freely develop NFTs in EDEM.

In conclusion, EDEM’s ground-breaking approach is transforming the NFT trading landscape by overcoming traditional marketplace limitations and paving the way for a more intuitive, efficient, and transparent digital asset trading experience. By making NFT trading more accessible, EDEM is set to reshape the future of digital assets.