[GMMT] Exploring the Giant Mammoth Chain Ecosystem

Giant Mammoth Official
4 min readJun 9, 2023

Giant Mammoth is spearheading the development of infrastructure and ecosystems that amalgamate the capabilities of Web 2.0 platforms with the power of blockchain technology. Its goal is to create a user-focused, blockchain-based ecosystem to tackle issues such as personal data management and high brokerage fees plaguing the current Web 2.0 platforms. GMMT offers a unique combination of user-centered services across its ecosystem.

IvorySwap: Powering the Next-Generation of Decentralized Exchanges

IvorySwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), operates on the Giant Mammoth Chain. Renowned for its rapid transaction speeds and minimal fees, IvorySwap creates a stress-free transactional environment for users. It supports features like token trading, farming, and staking. Users of IvorySwap utilize the Automated Market-Maker (AMM), which conducts trades within a liquidity pool. The AMM is built around mathematical equations designed to process buy/sell orders in DeFi, adjusting prices based on supply. This facilitates automatic transaction closure between buyers and sellers, thereby ensuring a balanced asset ratio in the liquidity pool. The platform’s utility token, IVY, serves multiple functions, including governance, staking rewards, and providing liquidity.


IVY token holders enjoy the privilege of participating in decision-making processes, such as the general operation and policy-making of IvorySwap, through voting. IvorySwap’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) operates independently with smart contracts, providing a stable operational system. The DAO governance model fosters an active network, propelled by the voluntary activities and decision-making of IvorySwap participants.


Staking plays a crucial role in promoting new projects on the Giant Mammoth Chain by effectively distributing new tokens. IvorySwap’s accessible user interface and robust network infrastructure contribute to enhancing liquidity in these new projects.

EDEM: An All-in-One Hub for Smart NFT Trading

EDEM is an NFT marketplace that amalgamates data and statistics from various platforms to provide users with an easy way to compare and make informed NFT trades. It also allows users to purchase multiple NFTs from different markets in a single transaction, saving both time and transaction fees.

Cokili: The E-commerce Evolution on Blockchain with S2E

Cokili, a B2C and C2C e-commerce platform, integrates the Giant Mammoth Chain into its operations. Cokili implements a scoring system to regulate product listings and promotes transparent and secure transactions. Sellers receive rewards based on their platform activity, with higher-rated sellers enjoying benefits like reduced usage fees and increased product listing limits.

Walkdoni: Rewarding Fitness in the Digital Age

Walkdoni, the world’s first Move to Earn (M2E) application, couples real shoes with IoT chips to reward users based on their physical activity. The company has collaborated with Neutaboni Co., Ltd. to manufacture FDA-approved health diet shoes designed for enhanced comfort and efficiency.

Scheduled to be released, the Donny Watch, a smartwatch by Walkdoni, will aid users in managing their health. Donicat, a tribute to the space-traveling cat Felicet, is Walkdoni’s character designed to foster the spirit of giving.

E-Paradise: Revolutionizing Webtoon and Web Novel Creation and Distribution

Scheduled to launch in Q1 2024, E-Paradise is a blockchain-based platform for webtoons and web novels. It addresses the prevalent revenue distribution issues, offering creators significantly higher profits. Through the Creator Fund program, it also provides an avenue for new writers to garner sponsorships.

Ganesha: A Fresh Spin on Casino Gaming with Blockchain Transparency

Ganesha is a blockchain-based casino that ensures fair play with an unalterable smart contract algorithm dictating game outcomes. Slated for launch in Q4 2023 (Alpha version) and Q2 2024 (web and app versions), Ganesha combines the thrill of casino gaming with the benefits of blockchain technology.

GM Wallet: The Ultimate Crypto Companion for GMMT

GM Wallet, a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet for GMMT, supports features such as token trading, investment, staking, and NFT management.

Game Project M: Pioneering a New Standard for Online Gaming with Blockchain

Game Project M is an online game leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology for a unique gaming experience.

The Giant Mammoth Chain is innovating the blockchain technology space by offering a unique combination of user-centered services across diverse sectors. The future of Giant Mammoth Chain holds promising advancements and impactful improvements in decentralized technology, ushering a new era of secure, user-focused, and transparent online platforms.