[NEWS] Giant Mammoth (GMMT) Makes Strategic Moves in Cryptocurrency Market

Giant Mammoth Official
3 min readMay 23, 2023

Giant Mammoth (GMMT) is making waves in the cryptocurrency scene, setting its sights on the Indonesian market, following listings on BitMart and CITEX.

Expanding Its Reach with Indodax

The Mammoth Foundation, which oversees GMMT, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Indonesia’s first cryptocurrency exchange, “Indodax.” With this partnership, GMMT will be included in Indodax’s list of supported tokens.

Indodax, established in 2014, boasts a vast user base of over 5.5 million people across 80+ countries, making it a leader in daily trading volume not just in Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asia. The exchange supports coin transactions using the local currency, Rupiah, as well as cryptocurrency.

Enhancing Versatility with Cokili

To further enhance the utilization of GMMT, the Mammoth Foundation plans to launch a comprehensive shopping mall called “Cokili,” which allows users to exchange GMMT tokens for points and then purchase products with exchanged points. Cokili will also support private transactions of used goods.

MOU with Docking Block for LP Solutions

In addition to its Indodax partnership, the Mammoth Foundation has recently announced a strategic MOU with Docking Block, a digital asset management and LP solution company. This agreement will facilitate technical support for liquidity supply solutions, financial advice, and the creation of new blockchain-based businesses.

The Mammoth Foundation operates the “Giant Mammoth Chain,” a global blockchain mainnet that encompasses Web 3.0, NFT marketplace, metaverse, entertainment, and distribution services. The increasing need for professional services led to the cooperation with Docking Block.

Docking Block, a liquidity provider for the virtual asset market for about six years in Korea, is a market watcher in virtual assets and focuses on managing assets in the virtual market.

The Mammoth Foundation and Mega Investment: An MOU for Technical Cooperation

The Mammoth Foundation has also signed a business cooperation agreement (MOU) with Mega Investment. Under this agreement, the two parties will cooperate in promoting the blockchain business, marketing, service development, and constructing and developing NFT and metaverse platforms.

Mega Investment is known for executing projects aiming to build a global ecosystem connecting metaverse, NFT, and payment systems with the era of WEB 3.0. It also spearheads projects that merge blockchain technology with daily services.

Metaverse&NFT MOU with DART’S

The Mammoth Foundation has signed a strategic partnership with DART’S, a platform specializing in blockchain. The objective is to develop platforms such as Metaverse and NFT Marketplace, focusing on the blockchain, exploring promising future markets such as NFT, metaverse, digital wallet, and cloud blockchain platform businesses.

The Mammoth Foundation aims to continue developing live services based on Web 3.0, targeting Korean and overseas users. DART’S, a Japanese global NFT company, utilizes its own technology to build a marketplace that’s easy and safe for everyone.

Through these strategic partnerships, the Mammoth Foundation plans to accelerate the expansion of its blockchain business, showcasing its commitment to digital financial competitiveness, blockchain technology, and innovation.

The future certainly looks promising for Giant Mammoth (GMMT), and its journey into the Indonesian market is just the beginning.