[GMMT] Giant Mammoth : solves the problem of scalability and security

Giant Mammoth Official
4 min readMay 11, 2023

Giant Mammoth Chain?

Giant Mammoth Chain solves the problem of scalability and security and builds a high-level network. It is designed for applications that build their own chain, including higher speeds and lower network gas costs than before, EVM compatibility, and risk mitigation.

The Mammoth Foundation has been working on the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, such as augmented reality, Artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Which are the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. Blockchain and IT are the Key Point.

Mammoth foundation builds an ecosystem that enables a virtuous cycle and expansion through the convergence of blockchain technology and services. We aim to contribute as a global platform to discover and foster new business through the Blockchain.

GMMT is a project that started with inspiration from the Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions that are currently attracting a lot of attention. It is designed to go beyond the limitations of a Layer 2 chain belonging to one Layer 1 chain, and ultimately build a true multi-chain by belonging to multiple Layer 1 chains.

It can be used in various ways such as Defi, Event, and Transaction Fee as well as NFT.


$GMMT is used for all types of services provided within the GMMT ecosystem. All services are GMMT-enabled and offer a variety of benefits for using GMMT.The $GMMT is used as the base currency of the Giant Mammoth Chain.

You need to hold $GMMT to use GMMT Chian’s dapps.


Go to CoinMarketCap and search for GMMT.

Tap on the button labeled “Market” near the price chart. In this view, you will see a complete list of places you can purchase $GMMT as well as the currencies you can use to obtain it.

The Giant Mammoth platform is well-suited by design to support a wide variety of blockchain games. Many of our partners’ games will be published on their own game chains (which will be sidechains of the GMMT chain), and all of these game assets will be interconnected through the GMMT platform. It connects multiple game ecosystems and allows members to trade and exchange various in-game assets.


GMMT is always growing faster. Discover the endless possibilities with Giant Mammoth.
Our blockchain services will bring fun to a new world.


It is a decentralized finance (DeFi) service that provides liquidity and allows users to trade and stake tokens.

IvorySwap uses an Automated Market-Maker model where users trade in a liquidity pool. With fast trading speeds and low fees, IvorySwap provides users with an affordable trading environment.

IvorySwap also supports farming and staking features to provide high yields and continuous rewards for other tokens.

We believe that $GMMT will play a pivotal role in the popularization of blockchain.

NFT Marketplace & Aggregator

EDEM supports trading of all NFTs issued on GMMT.

Users of the GMMT Chain Dapp can freely sell and buy their own NFTs on the NFT Market. The UI, which is personalized with a digital dashboard, is developed to be user-friendly, allowing users who are not familiar with NFTs to quickly adapt.


Bringing various genres of games such as MMORPG, CCG, sports, casual, etc. into the ecosystem without being limited to one genre, tokens issued for a clear purpose based on the connection between blockchain and games will have a differentiated value among competing games, which will ensure the sustainability and maturity of these game tokens.

In the circular structure built around $GMMT, the activity of each player’s position leads to incentives, and through this, a sustainable ecosystem circulates.


One of the important benefits of using blockchain technology is that no third parties or intermediaries are involved in the transactions, which is why blockchain casinos can be a much safer and more secure experience for players than other places where they can play.

Blockchain casinos run on a free and open-source platform. This means that players can see exactly how the games work, what games are being played and how they work. Players can also make sure that all transactions are being conducted fairly and can see the results instantly, ensuring the safety of their funds at all times.


The GMMT Foundation is working with many global partners overseas.
We connect with more corporate and technology partners to build valuable blockchain.

Learn more about Giant Mammoth from following Links :

GMMT Website : https://www.mmtchain.io/
GMMT CMC : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/giant-mammoth/
GMMT Telegram : https://t.me/g_mammoth
GMMT Twitter : https://twitter.com/GiantMammoth