[NEWS] Mammoth Foundation Has Appointed The WMC Featherweight Asian Champion, Woo-Chan Lee, As Its New CEO

Giant Mammoth Official
2 min readJun 4, 2023

On June 2nd, Mammoth Foundation. announced that they have appointed Woo-chan Lee , the WMC Featherweight Muay Thai Asian champion, as its CEO.

Woo-Chan Lee, who graduated from the University of London after completing his academic studies in the United States and the United Kingdom, has expanded his business and athletics knowledge through his career as a Muay Thai athlete in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand. He has also gained expertise in sports management, including coaching and acting as a national team coach.

Now serving as the CEO of Mammoth Foundation, Woo-Chan Lee utilizes the infrastructure and capabilities he built during his athletic career to undertake numerous projects, focusing on blockchain adoption, promotion, and development in Asia and the United States. He also actively participates in educational initiatives in Thailand through donations.

Mammoth Foundation, which launched its mainnet “Mammoth chain” on March 28 last year, has established branches in Singapore (headquarters), South Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom. They have been expanding their business globally, conducting activities in major countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the United States.

Woo-Chan Lee expressed gratitude for the opportunity to implement his plans through his connection with Chairman John Baek of Mammoth Foundation.

Woo-Chan Lee said, “Becoming a versatile entrepreneur has always been my goal and dream.”

He also expressed his determination to influence the development of Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand and contribute to their progress.

In early January, Mammoth Foundation launched the upgraded development, “Giant Mammoth Chain.” The utility coin, GMMT, used in the Mammoth ecosystem, was listed on the New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitmart in January and is now available for trading on a total of 11 exchanges, including coinstore, MEXC, and Indodax.

About Mammoth Foundation.

Established in 2020, Giant Mammoth Chain INC does business as Mammoth Foundation. With its first listing on the New York virtual currency exchange Bitmart in January 2023, GMMT has gradually secured overseas exchanges such as CITEX, Deepcoin, and CoinStore enabling trading in eleven locations. They have been expanding their ecosystem through consistent efforts to secure global partners and users. They aim to apply blockchain technology to real-life applications and continue expanding their ecosystem through projects such as the NFT marketplace “EDEM,” the shopping platform “Cokili,” and the webtoon and web novel platform “E-Paradise.”